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Ryanair probably offer the cheapest flights throughout the year plus to the most destinations in SW France.  A number of destinations are SUMMER ONLY.


to Carcassonne: 





East Midlands



London Stansted


to Perpignan:



London Stansted


to Pau:


start SUMMER 2015.


>Website: Cheap Flights - Book cheap flights to Europe with Ryanair





Easyjet offer very competitive prices on their route to Toulouse. Flights operate all year.




London Gatwick


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British Airways have a competitive pricing strategy for school holiday periods IF you book very early!

Flights to Toulouse & Bordeaux


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Jet2 fly during the summer from Leeds-Bradford to Toulouse:


"With cheap flights to Toulouse from you can take advantage of easy access to some of the beautiful surrounding cities and towns of South West France. From the largest medieval fortress in Europe – Carcassonne, to the 3,000 meter high peaks of Cirque de Gavarnie - a collage of surprises awaits as you travel from one hidden gem to the next!

Toulouse, the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, is located on the Garonne river between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean. The climate of South West France is delightful and can be enjoyed all year round with cheap flights from With mild winters and superb long and hot summers, Toulouse really is the perfect destination! "





Self Drive/By Road.


Highly recommend you avoid Paris AT ALL COSTS throughout the year unless you are travelling in the middle of the night.  Suggested route is via Rouen & Chartres.


Good stopping off points are Chartres, Orleans and Chateauroux.  Recommend Formule 1 Hotels (NOT en suite), B&B Hotels (en suite) or Premiere Classe (en suite).  These chain 'motels' are cheap, clean, comfortable, reasonably quiet and reliable.  They are located next to the main routes throughout France and always have 'chain' restaurants next to them.


All the above motels should be booked in advance (online in English) during July & August in particular.  There is an automatic reception at night.  You can just arrive without booking; not a problem outside the holidays season, but not really recommended.


>Website: Hotel Formule 1 (very budget communal bathrooms/toilets)


>Website: B&B Hotels (en suite + family rooms)


>Website: Premiere Classe Hotels (en suite + family rooms)



Wherever possible buy your fuel at a supermarket.  Worth a detour as the price is significantly lower.






Recommend for all ferry & tunnel bookings.  Prices vary a lot, but again for a 2 hour crossing, luxury is not a priority!?  Worth considering the Dunkirk crossings which are generally cheaper & does not really make much difference to your travelling time.  We are between 3 and 4 hours drive from Santander & Bibao.



>Website: Ferries, Eurotunnel & short breaks to France & Europe





We are happy help you find the best & cheapest solution for travelling to the Pyrenees region.



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getting to the ariege-pyrenees


1 hour south of toulouse.  1.5 hours from carcassonne